CEACOM - Integrated Safety System

CEACOM is an innovative CEA tool for activity, goods and environment safety. A specific software ensures that fire-fighting and anti-explosion equipment is constantly monitored so that notification of breakages, alarms and maintenance deadlines is provided in real time. This guarantees the protection of people and provides exhaustive information for control bodies who require stringent, frequent and detailed reports of fire-fighting equipment. It is an intelligent system as it indicates the status of fire-fighting and anti-explosion equipment in a clear and dynamic way and immediately identifies inefficiencies and anomalies. Using specific software, surveillance managers are constantly informed of the state of fire-fighting and anti-explosion equipment. Maintenance Technicians use the GCM (Gateway Controller Module) to download a history of events and identify equipment requiring attention.

CEACOM is also used by the CEA Racing Team in the monitoring of fire-fighting equipment, ensuring constant control of the state of equipment posted along the racing track.

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CEACOM integrates 4 major components.

COC (the CEA operations centre) which acquires, manages, checks and elaborates thousands of I/O signals, oversees and monitors the state of fire-fighting and anti-explosion equipment supplied to the end client.

SCADA  (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition), highlights and controls the efficiency of fire-fighting and anti-explosion equipment. SCADA elaborates signals from monitored systems, sends them to the appropriate equipment manager and provides additional information such as periodic maintenance deadlines.

The EDM (End Device Module) is located in a special case on the upper part of the extinguisher and contains: an accelerometer, RF electronics for data transmission, radio antenna and batteries.

The GCM (Gateway Controller Module), a concentrator module which receives I/O signals from monitored equipment, memorises information history and transfers this information to the supervisor in order to establish communication with the COC. The GCM also analyses wireless signal strength in order to gauge signal quality and facilitate the rapid and effective positioning of objects on site. Mobile CEACOM.  Technology for vehicles.

Mobile CEACOM is an interesting application of this system. It enables the monitoring of extinguishers located on vehicles transporting dangerous goods. The system warns the client via SMS or email in case of anomalies and monitors biannual checks, testing and inspection in order to guarantee maximum extinguisher efficiency, always.

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State of the art technology
•  Using a Wireless Mesh Network (WMN) created between the EDM and a GCM using a radio module based on ZigBee technologies and protocols with 868 Mhz frequency, providing long distance transmission ranges;
• enables the monitoring of all the client's fire-fighting and anti-explosion equipment which is visualised on a dynamic video synoptic which displays an accurate company floor plan thanks to a specific software designed and developed at CEA.

The specific mesh WMN network guarantees a wireless communication network, comprising a large number of nodes which act as receivers, transmitters and repeaters. This type of infrastructure is decentralised, relatively cheap, resistant and highly flexible. The nodes communicate to create a network which is capable of covering great distances and is autonomous: should a node no longer function, the ones closest to it search for alternative paths to transmit the signal. The apparatus management software is highly practical as it enables the management of any type of equipment from a computerised control panel, provided the structure's floor plan and objects requiring monitoring are uploaded in vector format.
The checking software supplied to the client can be implemented by specific applications created for iPhone and iPad. The end client can interrogate, receive information on the state of their fire-fighting and anti-explosion equipment or on anomalies, anytime and anywhere.