The Company: History and Mission

CEA Estintori S.p.A. was founded in 1967 by the Amadesi Family certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, SOA, F-Gas Reg. UE 2015/2067, F-Gas Reg. CE 304/2008 It was one of the first Italian companies to develop cooperation which led to the first  Italian ISO 9001 Certified Group CEA Service Group.

Over thirty CEA Service Centrestwelve CEA Technical Centresfour Local CEA Units (Castenaso, Modena, Monza and Trento) and the Mordano production unit which collectively constitute the most important suppliers of fire-fighting services and products.

CEA Estintori also provides COMPLETE, ALL-ROUND MAINTENANCE SERVICES, guaranteed by technicians with over thirty years of maintenance experience at our new Modena-based  HVAC technological plant unit.

The company boasts its own TEST SITE, located in Savignano sul Rubicone, with highly qualified instructors and state of the art equipment (for example the live fire simulation module for indoor extinction).

Our Racing Team has been active since 1970 at all major Italian racetracks, with a team of over 370 specialised members of staff and 50 vehicles, guaranteeing maximum safety during races. It is considered the most efficient motor race fire team, even at Formula 1 events.

Since 2012 CEA has been the general contractor of the  SERVICE GROUP ENTERPRISE NETWORK FOR SAFETY  the first ever network of Italian fire safety enterprises which aims to develop and improve its innovative capacities and competitiveness on member company markets. The group employs over 200 people and its total turnover exceeds 20 million Euros.

CEA is constantly investing in training, research & development. A host of solutions have been developed from the company's experience, including the "CEATruck", an innovative truck equipped for mobile training, complete with training room and "CEACOM", the latest technology for global safety at the work place.