Safety at the work place consultation

CEA provides clients with assistance in matters pertaining to safety and hygiene at the work place pursuant to the Italian Legislative Decree 81/2008 and subsequent amendments and additions. CEA provides support in the writing of all documentation required by the law and may also act as the external Occupational health and Safety Manager as well as the company doctor.

For example:

  • General Risk evaluation, the drafting of risk evaluation documentation and interference risk assessment reports for tender work contracts;
  • Chemical and Radon Risk Evaluation;
  • Noise and Vibration Risk Evaluation;
  • Fire-Explosion Risk Evaluation (Atex);
  • Machinery, Equipment, VDT and Work Place Risk Evaluation;
  • Confined Space Risk Evaluation;
  • Electromagnetic Field and Artificial Optical Radiation Risk Assessment;
  • Work-Related Stress Evaluation;
  • Prevention and protection actions to be taken following risk assessment;
  • OHSAS 18001 management system;
  • Drafting of Company Emergency Plans;
  • Laboratory analysis to determine the salubrity of the work place.