EuGenio, the periodic maintenance software

EuGenio is an information process for the management of fire-fighting apparatus maintenance and ensures the planning of maintenance visits at subscribed companies and is used to monitor all maintenance checks carried out on single extinguishers (and other apparatus), with the aim of guaranteeing simplicity of use.

The user interface conforms to Microsoft Windows® standards and ensures records and checks of activities are stored.
EuGenio is available for third party users, is computer readable and comes complete with its own automatic installation procedure, an FAQ service and a short multimedia self-learning course.

EuGenio is a highly sophisticated product developed using the very latest IT technology. Users can connect to data archives to carry out consultations and updates not included in developed procedures, using Office Automation instruments such as Microsoft Word® or Microsoft Excel®. Smaller companies can store archives in a Microsoft Access® database, whereas more extensive archives can be inserted into relational database motors such as Microsoft SQL Server®, Oracle® or IBM DB2/UDB®.

Operation is possible either by a single-user (single operator on one PC), or with several users connected to the Net.