Lions and decarceration techniques: a constant and continuous formation over the years

Again this year, on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 May in Trento, the "Leoni" of the Corse Team will challenge the decarceration techniques led by the tutors of Weber Rescue, the German partner company of CEA Squadra Corse in supplying hydraulic relief systems .
Weber Rescue produces high-precision equipment and world-renowned quality. However, even the best equipment in the world does not serve if they are not used in the best way, the same is true for the training of "Leons" with constant updates to follow more and more powerful actions.
This is why every year, thanks to their passion and availability, the "Leoni" can be experienced on incidents of cars made available by F.lli Rigotti, with high pressure and cutting-edge hydraulic and cutting-edge hydraulic tools for use on Materials to different thicknesses, construction of cars both road and competition.
61 lions from the provinces of Bologna, Florence, Milan, Ravenna and Trento will train with determination, living the days as a form of education for the constant preparation, even physical, for the interventionist activity. Exercises needed to work in emergency situations quickly, both in choosing the most appropriate tool and in timing. Decisive aspects, where they run off at 300 km on timetables or on disconnected terrain; When the action to take can make the difference for pilots, navigators, workmen.