From Sanremo to San Luca: a weekend from "Leoni" for CEA Corse Team

64 ° RALLY SANREMO 30 - 31 March and 1 April, 14th CRONOSCALATA BOLOGNA SAN LUCA 1 - 2 April. An uphill weekend for the "Leoni" of CEA Corse Team, which inaugurates the spring season at the same time as the 64th Rally of Sanremo and 14th Bologna San Luca, a racing race for historic cars.
Dramatic trails that put the participants to the test, a risk that can be run if professionals watch "Leoni" on the route.
Training, updating, technical testing of operations are the key words that have marked the preparations for the motor season of the "Leoni" CEA, to be always ready and up to date on the best emergency response techniques.
It is a passion that does not know seasons, the motivation that causes the Lions, under all circumstances, with the rain, the wind, the bright sun, to stand along the motorsport paths. Ready to intervene in case of emergency with their ever-updated equipment according to the world's best safety standards, such as the Weber Rescue System - Weber Hydraulic, sophisticated sheet metal cutting tools, and MicroCafs PBK, for timely shutdown , Should the flames take on important dimensions.
Castenaso (BO), March 21, 2017
For information: Press Office Silvia Veronesi CEA Extinguishers S.p.A.
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The CEA Racing Team is trained and updated to respond to the emergency with the best techniques and timing of intervention. An ISO 9001 Certified Certified for quality in the provision of fire prevention and fire prevention and decarceration service in motorcycle events.
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